What are SpiceHeads saying about Obliterase?

"Quick, easy and thorough! It works flawlessly! Wipes the drive clean and even stamps it for assurance the drive has been wiped. Obliterase is a no brainer." – , Spiceworks User
"The integrated plug-in with Spiceworks is excellent. It's really easy to use. Great team and support that was quick to respond when I needed help." – , Spiceworks User
"Very easy to pick the device you want to decommission. We used one computer to wipe multiple drives. Just what we needed at the hospital."" – , Spiceworks User

Secure Erasure

Engineered at the University of New Hampshire's Research Computing Center, Obliterase offers 17 algorithms to meet your security and regulatory needs, meeting and exceeding the Department of Defense, NIST, and the HMG Infosec standards among others. At the MIT Venture Forum held at the Microsoft NERD center, Obliterase was awarded the coveted Dr. Evil Ray Gun which today represents the Secure, Absolute, and Green power of our technology.

Compliance Made Easy

Meeting regulatory compliance is a breeze using our certified erasure technology. Our best practice integrated solution creates a historical record of your erasure and attaches a Certificate of Erasure directly to the computing device, even after it's removed from your Spiceworks network. Become compliant for HIPAA, HITECH, PCI, SOX, FACTA, GLBA with our erasure technology.

Create Operational Efficiency

Realize operational efficiencies by using our integrated solution that authenticates, erases and decommissions IT assets while automatically creating and recording the erasure event. Save time and money and get peace of mind by removing the administrative burden of manually keeping records of your retired assets. Under audit? We've got you covered!

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