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ADD OUR INTEGRATED DATA ERASURE console TO YOUR SPICEWORKS app for as little as $29.95!

Spiceworks allows you to manage your network every day. Obliterase for Spiceworks is conveniently integrated into the app you already know and love, giving you a secure data erasure and decommissioning solution with exclusive features not previously available in your Spiceworks app... like attaching a Certificate of Erasure directly to computing device, even after it's deleted from your Spicework's inventory.

Using Obliterase for
in 5 easy Steps!

Step 1

In the plug-in, select devices to "target" for erasure.

Step 2

On the targeted device, run the Obliterase application .

Step 3

In the plug-in, monitor the
progress from your Spiceworks dashboard.

Step 4

Check the details of the erasure upon completion

Step 5
(drum roll please...)

Review and print your Certificate of Erasure!

Now that's where power and convenience converge!