Obliterase is a leading edge technology firm specializing in software tools that securely and absolutely erase data from storage devices beyond forensic recovery.

Obliterase, Inc. is the culmination of years of technical research and development at the University of New Hampshire's Research Computing Center. Based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, we continue our research and development in partnership with the University of New Hampshire's Research Computing Center to deliver innovative and powerful solutions to securely erase data from your computer's hard drive to ensure you don't lose your identity, financial information, passwords, and family photos.

Today, Obliterase offers the most powerful data erasure technology in the world, offering individuals, small businesses, enterprise, government, and electronics recyclers maximum speed, flexibility, and power in erasing digital storage devices from hard drives to thumb drives, from servers to arrays.

Our core Obliterase technology exceeds the Department of Defense standard DoD 5520:20-M and NIST 800:88, offering your organization the most absolute security when erasing your valuable data. Each successful erasure produces a Certificate of Erasure that is stored in our Cloud Console for convenient access to extensive reporting for audit purposes. The Certificates record all vital information regarding the IT asset, including a complete inventory of the equipment down to memory, serial numbers, manufacturers, size, in addition to a complete history of the erasure process.