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Absolute - Secure - Certified

Get peace of mind knowing that Obliterase absolutely and securely removes the risk of recycling, reselling, or re-purposing IT equipment while attaining regulatory compliance for your organization. Why take the risk of compromising sensitive data, your company's brand, and significant fines for a breech?

Obliterase provides you that security.

Get a Certicate of Erasure to prove it!

Wipes Cost
Home & Personal 3 $39.95 $19.95 Buy Now
Small Business 10 $69.96 $49.95 Buy Now
Enterprise 20 $99.95 $89.95 Buy Now
Obliterase for Spiceworks 10+Starts at only $29.95! Buy Now
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Home Edition Small Business Enterprise Edition Obliterase for Spiceworks


$39.95 $19.95


$69.95 $49.95

Enterprise Edition

$99.95 $89.95

Obliterase for Spiceworks

Starts at only $29.99

Number of wipes 1 3 10 20 10+
Requires internet connection yes yes yes yes
Verifies Secure & Permanent erasure of data
Performs Partial (P) or Full (F) Verify Pass
Offers Military Grade Algorithm
Removes HPA & DCO protected Areas
Certificate of Erasure issued/emailed
View sectors using hex viewer
Removes Remapped Sectors (when available)
Detailed Hardware report
Erases USB flash drives
Erases Multiple Hard Drives simultaneously
Customize Certificate with logo and IT Pro
Record of Serialized Erasure maintained
Writes "fingerprint" to boot block (optional) 2
17 algorithms for regulatory compliance 3
Spiceworks integrated Plug-In management
Select target IT Assets from Spiceworks Plug-In
Erasures authenticated by targeted assets list
Performs erasures only on authorized assets
Groups IT Assets for erasure or decommission
Single sign on authentication by Spiceworks
Export reports in XML, CSV, Printer formats
Distribute licenses easily in global manner
Comprehensive & Detailed reporting
Database hosted in Obliterase cloud
Home & Personal
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Small Business
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  • 1 Erase IDE, SATA, SCSI, SAS and FC drives. Multiple drive storage devices in servers and arrays must be put into JBOD mode.
  • 2 A fingerprint is an erasure record written into the boot block, with Serial number, date, and algorithm used. Displays upon rebooting asset.
  • 3 Algorithms include NIST (clear & purge), DoD (3 & 7 Pass), Army, Navy, Air Force, BSI (minimum & preferred), HMG (low & high), CSEC, VSITR
  • P – Licensed pricing – Initial License fee – volume usage under license agreement.
  • T – Tier based pricing – Intitial License and tiered pricing for volume