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Absolute - Secure - Green data erasure

And in Spiceworks, Obliterase gives you the ability to monitor, manage and report on erasures right from your dashboard!

Integrated technology provides seamless automated process
Decommissioning IT assets is easy: Target, Deploy and Report
Works with

Rocket Science

Obliterase was engineered at the University of New Hampshire's Research Computing Center, home of the only Cray Supercomputer in all of New England. Rocket Science? You bet! Obliterase is a robust, military-strength erasure technology that removes all data from digital storage devices. Oh, did we mention we were awarded the "Dr. Evil Ray Gun" award at the MIT Venture Forum held at the Microsoft Nerd Center?

Verified Target

Our process authenticates targeted devices before erasing them - removing the risk of human error - as well as verifies that all of the data has been erased upon completion. Upon success, a Certificate of Erasure is issued for each storage device complete with make, model, size and serial number. This convenient document is accessible from the Obliterase for Spiceworks plug-in, giving you proof of erasure anywhere and anytime - 24 by 7, all from within your Spiceworks dashboard.

Business Protection

Your company's data is one of its most valuable assets. Why take the risk of not using best practice procedures when retiring and decommissioning IT assets? Obliterasing your equipment's storage devices before leaving the desktop accomplishes just that - with a certificate in hand to document your process with the who - what - when - and where. Protect your company's data with the only integrated solution within Spiceworks.

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Six more reasons to love Obliterase


Absolute and Secure

Obliterase removes your data Absolutely and Securely - beyond forensic recovery - with one of 17 military grade algorithms.


Compliance made easy

Our best practice process makes regulatory compliance a breeze.


Award winning

Obliterase won the coveted Dr. Evil Ray Gun award at the MIT Venture Forum held at the Microsoft NERD center


Brand Protection

Obliterasing your data protects your brand from immeasurable damage that can result from a data breech


Unlimited usage!

Our low-priced annual subscription provides unlimited usage on your network.


Audit Ready

Our best-practice process makes reporting under audit easy.